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Feature Release 2.1

Form own experience and lots of feedback I learned that starting a wiper run sometimes struggles with getting the rope end off the spindle. Most of the time the rope holds the wiper in position, because it is not being used. As a result the rope end tends to cut in-between the pile of layers on the spindle. When starting the wiper the challenge is to get the rope out of the pile, even though the wiper wing is not yet pulling much.

The digital controller offers to use the dynamics of the involved masses. The idea is to drive the spindle a bit back and forth and pick the rope out of the pile. This does not require the wiper wing to be fully aerodynamically exposed and functioning. It just needs the involved masses to be a bit reluctant following a quick change in direction. The little clip shows the rope end, loaded with a 50g scale, just hanging down.

Since firmware rev. 1.4 a similar feature is present. But the “shake” is applied only if forces are sensed going beyond a certain threshold. Recent feedback led to this release and I removed any condition to this kickstart feature. Of course, it can be configured through the jumbo’s embedded web page.

For early adopters the firmware is available here to download and OTA install.