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force plot of a wiper run

More pull force

The drive is designed for a nominal cable force of about 15-20N and and adapts easily to a range of 10N up to 25N.The graph shows force in Newton over time in seconds. You find a typical < 5N force… Read More »More pull force

Breaking News

Order your new Schempp-Hirth glider now with ready installed jumbo drive. Remember to set the check for “jumbo” on the newly released glider configurator. This means that in future Schempp-Hirth also will be able to perform service and upgrades on… Read More »Breaking News

Meet Uwe Wahlig

Uwe Wahlig, Helmut Rohs (me), Marcus Böhnisch, Peter Kremer, Christoph Matkowski. Met a happy jumbo’er by chance at the Segelfliegertage in Koblenz October 22′. Uwe told me his story, which was in short: “I was looking for small wiper drives… Read More »Meet Uwe Wahlig

Feature Release 2.1

Form own experience and lots of feedback I learned that starting a wiper run sometimes struggles with getting the rope end off the spindle. Most of the time the rope holds the wiper in position, because it is not being… Read More »Feature Release 2.1

More than 10.000 Cycles

The bug wiper demonstrator and simulator has proven the robustness of design and parts. No breakage over the course of that many duty cycles, amazing! Watch the simulator in action.